About Us

http://1edpillsforhealth.com/buy-levitra-online/Situated in Johar Town Lahore, Pool and Park Hotel is only two minutes away from Emporium Mall, Lahore Expo Centre, Shaukat Khanam Hospital, five minutes away from Motorway, five minutes away from Doctor’s Hospital and thirty minutes away from the airport where one can foresee well-earned rest and rejuvenation. Being in the very heart of Business hub, you can feel free to explore every nook and cranny out on cultural depicting heritage this city be falls before returning to an oasis of calm i.e. our Residence, Pool and Park Hotel. Our hotel is definitely an option, if privacy and warmer stay is your top priority & value; we’re the first one to be expected ensuring more personal and soothing environment. This is relatively moderate& intimate luxury Boutique Hotel though it’s quickly/ expeditiously ascending in its repute as one of the most authentic Brit-Eastern cuisine flavored establishment in the most prestigious city like Lahore – where from general manager to lobby boy & driver will treat you with courtesy. The quality of the facilities provided is matched by the experience and professionalism of the staff-discreet & elegant.

Everything seems to be so sumptuous to the eye and to the touch making for a great and comfortable luxury experience that you will certainly be willing (and hoping) to repeat soon after your first visit. Absolutely stellar & aesthetic décor of the hotel, itself, echoes the warmth of the hotel’s hospitality that will certainly contribute to making your stay here enjoyable, just like having a very luxurious second home in the English capital.

Exposure to the most bliss routine of this intimate hotel whilst the time you wake up in the most comfortable room/suite to the most exquisite and contemporized where the house will treat you to your favorite continental complimentary breakfast item in “Breakfast buffet” as well as more traditionally Brit-Eastern cuisine if you’re in for more earthy and substantial meal. Our chef are well acquainted for alluring pleasing textured and signature meals that are sure to bring out most of the appetizers savoring/ devouring more in demand. ISDN and High speed free internet connectivity is just a click away.

We, at Pool and Park Hotel do not know limitation when serving our guests with immeasurable amount as the accommodation yet not seizes to exist till here. With such exceptions, we provide chauffer that drives rides around town and the airport for all guests in distinctive luxury car, kind and open to accommodate any request you might have in order for you to enjoy a memorable stay in every possible way. Diversity of suite and elegant rooms leaves you astonished with its mesmerizing contemporary gorgeous patrons swish around a room bedecked in dark /light woods and plum according to your comfort zone you would want. The bathroom continued with the opulent oasis feel boasting a bespoke bath tubs and soaps lavishing on every surface.

With such exquisite facilities, one doesn’t deny to stay after their first exposure to our self –esteemed hotel that suffices to serve you with their wit delight.